installing fonts

I have managed to copy ttf font files to the correct folder in my flatpak installation of LibreOffice on Linux Mint. Many of them show up in Writer when I select some text in a document and select the font drop-down. Sure I go to change the highlighted text … but nothing happens except that the text is still Roman English but perhaps smaller or in italics or something.

It certainly isn’t in a Hebrew or Greek or some other unusual (but ‘installed’) font.

Why won’t it show in the selected font ??

It is not enough to copy any font. A font must be installed. This is a thing of the operating system and not of LO.

Ebot, you are both right and wrong. It is a matter of the OS, yes, but in Linux you simply copy TTF font files to a dedicated directory:

However, the asker has a flatpak package (why really?), so, there might be some particularities related to LO.

It shows again, you can not know everything. It wrote a windows man.

OK. SO what exactly do you do to install a font?

I want to install the Chinese font Gungsuh.

You follow your operating system (unknown) method for installing the font. It is normally best to have LO closed when installing new fonts.

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No matter how you install a font, remember that any software will always load available fonts at startup. You can install any number of fonts while LibreOffice is running, but it will only notice and load them the next time you start LibreOffice.

In Windows I have installed fonts with LibreOffice running and it has picked them up but sometimes it has appeared to freeze for several minutes while it sorts itself out. I don’t like freezes so it feels safer and is quicker anywa it to close LibreOffice, install the fonts and start again

There are several font formats and the format is not reflected in the extension. IOW, a .ttf (or other extension) file just says font XYZ is stored in it but don’t necessarily tell you under which format. Some formats are considered outdated, having been superseded by more recent ones with more features. As a consequence, many font renderers have dropped support for these outdated format. This is the case in LO where Type 1 fonts are no longer supported.

Depending on where you downloaded the font file, you may have got a Type 1 file. Type 1 fonts are silently ignored by LO and don’t show up in the menus.

Check the imported font files. A tool like FontForge may be of some help.

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Sorted out this one . Thanks. No need to do anything!

很 好 in fact 太 好 了!

All good now.