Installing Libre on a laptop without Internet access

My friend has a laptop, and his OS is Windows 7, but he has no Internet access. Can I create a DVD for him to install Libre on his laptop, w/o Internet access? If so, how?


Put the file inside a pen drive and give it to your friend.

The he needs to open the pen drive on hist laptop and double click on the file.

My friend already gave me a DVD-R, for me to save the software package onto it. You suggest that I use a pen drive? Does this mean that the DVD-R is no good for this kind of thing?

You can use a DVD-R too. Download the software installer. Burn it on the DVD, and give it to him.

I suggested the pen drive because it’s faster, and you don’t need to burn and “lose” the DVD-R.

OIC! :slight_smile: Thank you, Maiconfz! :slight_smile:

Mark answer as correct :wink:

Doesn’t work. The link is an msi that installs and then freezes presumably bacause there is no there is no internet connection.