Installing LO 4.4.5

Installing LO 4.4.5 (on 4.3.7, windows7) results in “installer does not have sufficient rights”. After cancelling, LO 4.3.7 is gone as well. trying to re-install from the saved .msi now results as well in "insufficient rights. How can I re-install?

Hi muschik

Some things to try (in order):

  1. Turn off Anti-Virus
  1. (consider turning UAC off, at least whilst you install)
  2. Right-click the MSI file & select “Run as Administrator”
  3. Right click on the MSI file, select Properties and see if there is an option to unblock file (this sometimes can happen when copying files around).
  4. Weird fix was to create a 2nd Administrator & use that as the user when ‘run as admin’.
  5. An even more thorough right-click advice on install file that worked:
    a) click on Compatibility Tab
    b) at bottom is "Privilege Level"
    c) Check the box that says “Run this program as an administrator.”
    d) Below that, check the box that says Compatibility for all users
    e) check the run as administrator box also

It may just be that it needs an update, BUT, LO has been constantly updated since win7 appeared…

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