Installing the help package

I’ve got Linux mint latest everything. I’ve installed the latest Libreoffice with no issue. BUT (and this happens all the time, been happening for years) I download the Build in Help package and the dependencies are never satisfied. I’m not a guru, just a typical user that expects installs to run as prescribed. Its looking for a file called libobasis7.1-en-gb> and I haven’t the foggiest. Step by step please would be appreciated. IE: do this, and then this… thanks

Could you detail how you’ve downloaded the help? that was the .deb from the LO website download page? Your LO version (installed) matches the version downloaded?

The file required is a part of the language pack. Try installing the pack first. However, since you are …

not a guru, just a typical user

… you should use your distro’s repos rather than download packages from the site.

Else, you need to install the main package from the download page so that the version numbers match.