installing v 6.3.6 Over

I’m running Windows 10x64 with an installed version of LibreOffice version I’d like to upgrade to the stable version 6.3.6. Is this as simple as just installing the new program over the old… or do I have to remove the old version first?

Another related question; I’m up and running fine with the old version ( - should I even try to upgrade… is it even worthwhile?


just download 6.3.6 and install - there is no need to remove the existing version, though there a people doing so. At the end it is up to you.

Regarding the second part or your question (the answer is by nature subjective). As a conservative user I’d nevertheless stick with the latest release of the still branch of LibreOffice (i.e. what you see in the “second” box on download page and what is 6.3.6 as of today). Whether it is worthwhile for you could be only decided by you. To support your decision, you may want to read:

Hope that helps.