Instant Word Count in 3.5?

I had heard that Instant Word Count would be included in 3.5. It still isn’t there. I added the Instant Word Count extension in 3.4.5 and it never worked. I got a python script error that I couldn’t resolve. Any ideas how I could get a working instant word count in 3.5?

I have Fedora 16.

It is working in 3.5.0

Just go to Tools, Word Count (third option). Now leave the small window open and place it where you prefer. Just type in the document or select sections to see that the values are updated in real time.

It works! Thanks.

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Is it possible to start the Word Count window automatically as soon as I start up Libreoffice? ( I do not want to have to click it open through the Tools menu)

Word Count is now available in the status bar. → LibreOffice 3.6 · New Features and Fixes · fdo#34772