Instructions for spacing columns equally don't work

I visited Space Columns Equally - LibreOffice Help and found the following on spacing columns equally:

“Space Columns Equally:
Adjusts the width of the selected columns to match the width of the widest column in the selection. The total width of the table cannot exceed the width of the page.
When in Writer: Choose Table - Autofit - Distribute Columns Equally
Open Optimize Size toolbar from Table Bar, click
Space Columns Equally”

I have tried to follow these instructions, but have found that the “Table” section has no “Autofit” section within it.
Is it just me or did the old method used to be:
• Highlight the columns with uneven widths,
• Right click, go column then;
• Hit space equally to get evenly-spaced columns?

Just use up-to-date help, not the version for 5.x.