interactive query possible in Base?

Is it possible to create an interactive query and/or report? For the query it would need to be something like:
SELECT f1, f2 FROM table WHERE f1=

For a report, I just want to append custom text, i.e.
SELECT f1, f2, f3, from TABLE where f1=A and f2=B

I cannot seem to figure out how it could be done, if it can be done.



You can input information for Query ‘Where’ information through the use of parameters. The parameter begins with a colon and followed by text to allow identification such :myChoice. There can be more than one parameter and the same parameter can appear more than once.

For further information see the LibreOffice Base documentation → LibreOffice Base Guide. See Chapter 5 - Queries.

As for your reports request, without macros, all information in the report section is received through the query. Also the query cannot use parameters in the ‘Select’ portion - only in the ‘Where’ portion of the statement. It is almost easier to manually modify a query or the actual report with this information than to do it through other means. It may also cause problems in the report itself since this data is variable.

That’s EXACTLY what I wanted.Thank you very much! Sorry for the late response.


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