Interfacing LibreOffice to other Applications

I am a former Microsoft Office User who has moved to Linux and does use LibreOffice


I am finding that LibreOffice is missing significant features that are present in MS Office.

For example there appears to be no integrated Email Client and some other applications that are part of or connected to MS Office such as OneNote and Skype/Teams, and other Project/Productivity Tools.

I am currently using Evolution for Mail but cannot see any way to link in the LibreOffice WordProcessor into Evolution as an alternative for the basic editor. Similarly for Thunderbird/SeaMonkey this ability to link seams to be missing.

I have no great desire to return to Microsoft Office, but unless I can find a viable alternative to ALL aspects of MS Office, then I may be forced to return.

A lot of my friend would migrate also but for the fact that LibreOffice does not appear to integrate well with other tools to provide a substantial alternative to MS Office.

One small blessing here is that having quit MS Windows, I do not need to return to MS Windows to get MS Office. Many but not all of the features I want are available via the Web Browser, but more than this, Microsoft is finally migrating it’s product to Linux with Teams already in Beta and quite usable!

Please can you point me to an updated feature list comparing MS Office to LibreOffice and where LibreOffice does not have comparable features, an alternate Linux tool that can fulfil this. I would also like to get some instruction on how to interface LibreOffice to other non-LibreOffice tools.

You have a very capable set of tools here but you risk that Microsoft may port it’s suite over to Linux and LibreOffice might simply become less relevant because it cannot fulfil the extending needs of it’s users.

I hope you can provide the above information

Answers I have seen to older similar questions to the effect that LibreOffice is not trying to become (or replace) MS Office are simply not adequate or helpful!

I am perfectly aware that LibreOffice may never compete with MS Office which is why I am looking for other tools that can interface with LibreOffice to plug those gaps!

Thank you in advance for your support

You surely understand that LibreOffice (The Document Foundation) isn’t a commercial
competitor of MS. Some of the companies using it are also IT consultants and the like, and make parts of their earnings with it, but the main concern of all the ODF community is to offer better, and more stable solutions for documents based on open and actually regarded standards, making the documents and your archives fit for future and independent of the grace of a money harvester.
Let me guess: You did not yet work enough with LibO to learn about the great advantages of its styles concept, did you?
You did not consider what it might mean if MS and Google succeed with their attempts to draw everything into their clouds, did you?

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(Concerning the “interfacing” I#m not the right one to answer.)

There are already number of questions on using E-Mail with LibreOffice as with other problems you seem to see.

I think that the tone of your questions may put a number of people off from answering. It is useful to learn a little about the product to see whether the function you need is available. I note you have upgraded to Linux, so you will find that programs and settings might differ. I am just considering E-mail with Linux and LibreOffice here.

Have you considered using Help or using the Getting Started Guide to advise on setting up Email with Libreoffice running with Linux? Remember, Linux users have a choice of Email clients, so you must tell LibreOffice your preferences. TOOLS > OPTIONS > INTERNET > E-mail.

Then FILE > SEND will give you quite a number of ways to send your LibreOffice documents, depending on the format the receiver needs.