Intersect photo x shape

Hi. I am using LibreOffice on MacOSX Catalina.

I want to crop a part of my image by a shape on LibreOffice Draw. When I want to do that, the photograph is scaled to the size of photo. I found a webpage which reported an exactly same issue as I have. Sorry it is in Japanese but I put URL for Google translated version. I simply want to crop my image with a shape of my choice without scaling the image. Any idea?


English translation.

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Disable Scale in the >Area>Bitmap settings.

Dear Lupp,

Thank you for your reply. Now the image is not scaled, which is good. But now the position of the shape is ignored. It is always masking the center portion of the image irrespective of actual position of the shape on the image.

Any idea?


See this report: Bug 40259 - Unexpected behaviour with Shapes → Intersect

The only “workaround” is to edit your image with an external tool before inserting the result in Draw.

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Edit with external tool isn’t a real solution.
This old bug make the intersect totaly tool unusable with a picture. In my school, a lot of students need that feature to crop freely a picture with this tool everydays.
A solution would be to send this bug directly to the developpers team :wink:
Or use the substract tool several times to remove the unwanted parts of a photo (but it’s not a smart time saver solution). Substract tool works correctly.

How do you insert your pictures?
I’ve got a similar probem (Bilder verzerren beim Komprimieren - #10 by JCR). It depends on the format. In my case it seems to run if converted in metafile bevor cropping.


  1. Place the cropping shape over the image in the desired position.
  2. Select the image, right-click and select Crop
  3. Drag crop marks to edge of cropping shape and then click away to get out of Crop mode
  4. Select both image and cropping shape and click Shape > Intersect

Tested for stretched images as well as oversized images. Cheers, Al

Or, copy+paste the image (so you have 2 same images on top of each other; don’t move or touche it, ), trace the free line to have the shape you want to crop. Select the 3 items (image, same image pasted, & free line/shape). Right click - > shapes - > combine (not intersect!) . Done :slight_smile: That crops freely without autoresizing.