inverted thumbnails

Hello -

On the launching screen, and on the print preview screen, thumbnail of the document is inverted - see example.

Can’t find anything on the forum, so any help appreciated.

LibreOffice 6.2 in Lubuntu.

Many thanks.image description

Hello - are you using some dark theme on your Lubuntu desktop manager (whatever it is)?

Hello - no, it’s default theme and it’s not a dark theme.

The screen illustrated isn’t a file or desktop manager, it’s LibreOffice’s own GUI showing at launch. The thumbnails showing are of documents that are actually black text on white.

(Lubuntu’s desktop manager is LXDE). Thanks.

Had recently the same thing on print preview in another question (but on Mint) and could reproduce. Fixed an my test system changing the theme (though I had also a default theme). Since I got no Lubuntu system, I cannot directly reproduce, but I’m pretty sure that it isn’t a LibreOffice issue, but related to themes of desktop manager.
Which desktop manager are you using, which Lubuntu version and which packages (TDF or PPA)? - May be I can set up a test system quickly.

I know what it is showing - this is a Libreoffice site;-) This doesn’t change the fact that colorization of applications is heavily affected by themes.

Thank you. Problem went away either on its own or because of something I did exploring the problem, and I’m afraid I don’t know what! But one possibility is that I discovered that tumbler thumbnailer, including tumbler-odf-thumbnailer plugin, is seemingly not installed by default in lubuntu and I installed it?