Invisible animations in Impress

I am using Impress Version:, Build ID: 1:6.1.5-3+deb10u7.

I am seeing weird behavior in Impress which can be best explained with invisible animations, i.e. animations that exist but are not shown in the animation list and don’t have a visible effect during presentation.

What I did

  • I created a couple of slides
  • and added Fade In animation for the text fields.
  • Then I copied all the slides and adjusted the animations (from “On Click” to “With Previous” and adjustments for Delays etc.).
  • Finally I saved the file and opened it again.

What I observe

  1. Many of my animations on the text bodies were gone, i.e. the text was immediately visible in presentation mode.
  2. So I created the animations again. But when shifting them in the order, there seems to be an invisible element in the list which I have to pass. What do I mean with this:
    I have animations A, B and C (in this order), and I want to shift C above B. To achieve this, I have to click “Move Up” twice. I can move B above A with another “Move Up”, so it is not a general problem. It is the same when moving it back down: I can move B below A with one “Move Down”, and need two more “Move Downs” to move B below C. There seems to be an invisible animation item in the list above C!
  3. During presentation, I have to click once after the B animation, and one more time to start C. So this invisible animation seems to start On Click, but there is nothing that happens.

Can you help me? Is there a way to remove these invisible animations? Can you fix this bug?

Thanks and best regards,

Can you fix this bug?

To report a bug this is unfortunately the wrong place.
You can file bugs on Bugzilla.
How to report bugs in LibreOffice.
Then post the link of your entry here.
To do this, edit your Initial question. Thanks.

In advance, you can try the following:
Start Libre Office in safe mode.
If the error is not there then, you need to reset your user profile.
Install a newer version of LibreOffice, e.g. 7.1.6