Invisible click events in Impress?

I have a slide with bullet points in Impress and I want to make every bullet point to appear after clicking. But as soon as I add an “Appear” effect to the whole text field or to single bullet points, it seems like Impress inserts additional invisible events that do not appear in the event panel. For instance, when I run a slide with only three bullet points I have to click up to eight times to get from one point to the next. I can even change the order of events by clicking the arrows in the event panel so that all visible events occur right after each other at the beginning of a slide, but that doesn’t really help me because the “ghosts” will still block the transition to the next slide (again eight clicks until I get there).
Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
Btw I’ve tried odp and ppt as file formats. The problem is there in both.

Which version do you use?