Invisible text in box with Insert > Comment

I’m using LibreOffice, and Windows 7 64-bit. I only use Writer as I have no need of the other programs. I’m wanting to use LibreOffice to beta and proof a novel. I click on Insert, then choose Comment, then I click in the text area I want to point to with the comment, but in the Comment box when I type any characters they are invisible. It was like this before I updated from the previous version, and it is still like this with
Is there a known bug with the Comment text box? Or do I need to do something with the settings?

Additional: I’ve uninstalled LibreOffice completely, restarted the machine, downloaded the latest version and reinstalled. Then I opened a new Writer file, and lo and behold, my old settings were still the same. I had noped that wiping LO from the computer would remove all settings, as that might have been the cause for the text not showing in the Insert > Comment box. But no.

I’ll now remove LibreOffice again and download OpenOffice in the hope that it doesn’t have the same problem.


Just uninstall LibreOffice does not remove settings because in most cases, we want to keep these parameters during a version update. This is also the same for OpenOffice.

This wiki page explains how to test the program with a “new” profile.

That said, when you insert a comment, you have a drop down button to the bottom/right of the box. This opens a menu. You can format text comments, including choosing a color (Fonts Effects tab).