Is a lambda function in Calc possible?

I’d like that I could have a cell with a function, and I could call the function in the cell elsewhere. Is it possible?

This is how I imagine that it could be:

A1: =LAMBDA(x, 2*x*x + x + 2)
A2: =A1(3) → 23

A1 has a function in it, and A2 has it called with 3 as the parameter, and it evaluates to 23.

Is something like that possible? I didn’t find it in the documentation; I might have missed it. If it isn’t possible, please, implement something like it.


Not exactly what you describe, but Multiple Operations may be what you need.
Edit: Oops, @Villeroy beat me on that one…

You can also define your own functions as macros.

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