Is a simple automation possible?

Hi there!
I need to create a very simple automation to fill up the same information in different forms. Is there anyway to create a basic “database” (with name, address, age, date of birth, etc) that would fulfill different forms we use? I am not a programmer (obvs!) but did play with scripts long time ago.
I remember I used to work with MS excel and did fulfill data automatically from one sheet to another using formulas. I am thinking in something like that, only now is text (name, address, etc) and numbers without any “math” (date of birth, number of a certificate, etc)

Explaining better:

  • I would enter the data in a “basic form” that would populate all the other forms we need with the same info.
    Any suggestions on how to do it, what’s the best solution?
    Thank you!

Could MailMerge be an option? If so, no need to program anything, just create the “database” and use the wizard.

I will look at it, thank you for the suggestion!

If you can write the scripts in MSO then possibly you can write Basic macro

Hope so! Will try that plus engaging a nephew to help o:) thank you