is anyone responsible for font maintenance?

with a current windows 7 & lo 5.0 i have problems with the liberation sans narrow font. long ago i created a WORD doc with the arial narrow font which was moved to lo. i found liberation sans narrow to be better. but:

there are issues with the italics & bold versions of LSN.

I lost WORD (& arial narrow) & word perfect after i had to restore the system without remembering i had discarded their CDs.

i believe red hat is responsible but can’t contact them.

thanx ken

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If you just need to reinstall, you need to get the 1.07.4 package, since the latest release does not include the Narrow font due to licensing issues.

The trademark “Liberation” is registered on Red Hat.Inc., but Copyright and Font Vendor is Oracle Corporation. At least, that is said in the font properties.

Microsoft has the tool “Microsoft Open Type Font File Properties Extension” to show such informations.

You can find information on the Liberation fonts on Liberation fonts - Wikipedia amongst other sources. On my Linux version the LibO fonts are held in each copy of LibO for /opt/libreoffice5.0/share/fonts/truetype folder for version 5.0 (as well as 4.4 and 4.3 on my system. The fonts are also provided by Ubuntu in /usr/share/fonts/truetype. So I have four copies of the fonts to play with! The LibO and Ubuntu are different versions of the same font.

LibO provides version 1.07.4 of the font which includes SansNarrow as pointed out above. Version 2.0 no longer includes the Narrow.

Depending on your window issues you could try re-installing LibO or downloading a new copy of the fonts from one of the websites like… Peter