Is Anyone seeing scrollbar blink outside combo box on LibreOffice 7?

Downloaded LibreOffice 7.0.1 recently and I’m seeing that combo box got bigger that’s good, but major issue it’s blinking outside it’s area.

Combo Box strangle behaviour

Combo Box strange behaviour 2

Sorry about the quality, site’s very strict. Anyway, is that normal? I’ve reported it as bug 2 months ago, initial release 7.0.0, still hasn’t got fixed. I don’t know if it’s normal. Maybe it only happens on my PC.

If you have reported the check the bug report. It will tell you about any progress.

Checked e-mail many times, downloaded newer versions, checked changelog and bug fixes, but the bug still persists and it’s even present on newer versions. All I’ve received is: QA:needsComment - WhiteBoard. That was 2 months ago, and I think nothing is being done to solve.

Found that #tdf135494, which is in UNCONFIRMED state, so nobody took care or confirmed the issue until now.