Is Collabora Office Speech to text on Android Offline a thing?

Hi there.
I just realised Collabora Office existed.
It looks tidy.

I am wanting to dictate some stuff while out in the van.
In Collabora Office, I can dictate to it and save it etc.
Ideally I would be able to dictate to it offline though.
I can’t always get a signal.

There is an app called Speechnotes which allows this to happen (offline speech to text) but it is a bit clunky transferring it to a document on the pc.(I think i have to save to drive, then when home, open docs on google, find ‘drive’, download, save as etc etc)
I think I read that it can do it because I have downloaded an offline dictionary.

It would be lovely to just be able to transfer via email or usb straight to my pc libreoffice.
Keep it all .odt.

Is offline speech to text a thing in Collabora Office?I can’t find many settings anywhere.