Is CTL support for Calc something that you need to download separately?

I received an .ods file from my brother that was Right-to-Left oriented. After consulting Google, I found that to change its direction I need to enable CTL from Options → Language Settings → Languages, and then go to Format → Sheet → Right to left.

However, both the CTL line in the option menu and right-to-left on the Format>sheet box are greyed out, leading me to think I need to install some plug-in to enable them.

Can anyone please help me?

I’m running LibreOffice on Ubuntu 13.04.

Tools > Options… > Language Settings > Languages > Enhanced language support section at bottom > check Show UI elements for Bi-Directional writing. That should un-grey the CTL entry, which you can then set. You will probably also want to have a look under Tools > Options… > Language Settings > Complex Text Layout to ensure the cursor movement and numerals are as expected. This will also un-grey the Right-to-left option under Format > Sheet…