Is dragging multiple image hyperlinks possible in Navigator?

I want to take hundreds of image hyperlinks that were created in Navigator to another Calc sheet as hyperlinks in one shot, is it possible to do this? I know how to do this with drag mode but is there way to move more then one at a time?

It might be more straightforward to copy the sheet to the other file and then delete the other stuff that is not relevant to the new spreadsheet.

I originally had them all in one sheet with 5 tab pages but I ran into limits when I added the fifth tab that had images that were not showing up in Navigator that should have been there. I think there is some sort of bug or there is a hidden limit to the number of image hyperlinks Calc supports.

I had to use separate sheets which might actually work better because they are maps of a game I made so you can look at each area in separate sheets and see the entire area you want to traverse instead of jumping back and forth between tab pages.