Is Find & Replace in broken?

I am using Ubuntu 12.10.
If I search for any character and set Replace as blank, the routine now leaves the original Find in place, despite saying it has made the replacements - which is a change over previous behaviour and looks like a bug.

In all versions of LO prior to the one released in the PPA yesterday (v4.0.1.1) this type of Find and Replace would simply remove the Find. I was happily doing this in 4.0.0.

I will raise a bug report if others can confirm this is not a planned change. If it is, what should I add to the Replace now to restore the functionality.

Search= The


V 4.0.0 and prior
Original Text “The Men walked along the Road”
New Text “Men walked along road”

Original Text “The Men walked along the Road”
New Text “The Men walked along the Road” Dialogue says “Search Key replaced 2 times”. But clearly not.

Problem confirmed in LO (Build ID: 2c0c17a6e4bee0ee28131ea4bdc47edc700d659) on Windows XP SP3 Russian. But as I see it was already fixed in

Perfect, just what I was looking for. Now I just have to wait for the PPA to release the software.

I have tested this in the latest release and confirm all is as it should be. Good result. Thanks