Is Find & Replace not working in 5.0

I can find text as long as I don’t try to search for text with a specific format. Is this program error or am I missing something?

It is simply that the existing Find/Replace is pants.


I do not reproduce the problem, but some options may be needed…

Take the example of a text with words in italics. Some formatted by the toolbar, other by the Emphasis character style, others have several attributes: italic and bold for example.

  • Click Format to select Font Italic Style will find only direct formatted words
  • Check Other OptionsIncluding Styles will find direct formatted words and word formatted with the Emphasis character style. Words with multiple attributes will not be found
  • Click No Format▸click Attributes and select Font posture will find every word except those shaped by the character style
  • Add Including Styles will find all words.

You can also install this extension which adds lots of features.


A late answer, but I hope this helps you or others. I’ve discovered that turning off Track Changes made it work properly for me. Otherwise there’s a very buggy interaction between the change-tracking process and the replacement mechanism.

If tracking is on, Find & Replace was only matches the first occurrence when I hit “Replace All”, and the replacement is done twice in one of several glitchy ways:

E.g., let’s say I search on the text “Bold text #1 asdfghjkl Bold text #2 qwertyuiop Bold text #3”, with the following Find & Replace dialog settings:

Search For



Replace with


Other Options

:ballot_box_with_check: Regular Expressions

:ballot_box_with_check: Including Styles

If “Edit>Track Changes>Record Changes” and “Edit>Track Changes>Show Changes” are both enabled, and I hit “Replace All”, “Bold phrase #1” becomes “Bold phrase #1Bold phrase #1”.

If “Edit>Track Changes>Record Changes” is enabled and “Edit>Track Changes>Show Changes” is not enabled, “Bold phrase #1” becomes “Bold phrase #1”.

(In this example, the replacement matches the original regex. If the replacement itself doesn’t match the original regex, the replacement just gets repeated, not nested-- eg. “Replace all” for A->B results in “A” becoming “BB”.)

If change-tracking options are disabled entirely, the Replace All works properly, making “Bold text #1 asdfghjkl Bold text #2 qwertyuiop Bold text #3

This is in version .