Is HBSQL completely dependent on JRE?

I just updated to LO6. While investigating the new install I created a few test databases in Base; one using the “Create Tables” utility and one by connecting to a Firebird example database through ODBC. I noticed that the Wizard for table and form creation depends on a JRE which is not installed on this Win7 64-bit machine.

I have been interested to see the development of Base, which I have been observing, but not using, since OpenOffice days, partly due to its dependence on JAVA and the security issues associated with a JRE. I have been employed as a database application developer and have used Oracle, MS SQL, MYSQL, Access, Paradox and other databases in the past.

My question comes from the documentation which states: “LibreOffice Base, see also manual, uses the HSQL database, this requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE)” (under “Why JRE”, Das richtige JRE installieren - The Document Foundation Wiki) .

As I understand it HBSQL contains the entire database in memory. Creating an .odb with Base and using the built-in HBSQL as the database engine results in a single-file database, so far as I can tell, similar to an ISAM file of Access or Paradox of the past. If I am able to open, modify and save this file with LO Base 6 without JRE on my machine, how is this possible if Base depends on JRE?

As an additional question: Past installations of JAVA (from Oracle) have wanted to update the installation periodically, presumably for security and functionality purposes. If v.8.x of JRE has now been superceded, what steps should I take to ensure its security if I choose to install it as recommended by others on this site?

Thanks for your replies.


Better see this FAQ that provides more details on the components dependent on Java; note that we now have Firebird as our default DB engine, and the latter doesn’t depend on Java - have you been using it? Also note that it’s HSQLDB, not HBSQL.