Is it good idea to paste new slides in /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/template/common/presnt/ directory?

I found some slides in GitHub and pasted them in that directory using sudo. If it can lead to a problem later, then I WILL delete them at your command. But does it lead to any problem? If it does then what’s the proper way to use external slides? I want to see those slides in the “Available for Use” section.

OS: Ubuntu 19.10

It looks like you used the system templates directory. There is also a user templates directory, which may be a better place to store them.

On Ubuntu (and possibly other Linux distros,) go to Tools → Options… then expand LibreOffice, and select item Paths. In here, you’ll see two paths listed. The first is your system default that you have listed in your question. The second is your user path. You may also add additional paths, and select which one you would like to be the default.

On macOS, if you go into LibreOffice Preferences, under the LibreOffice section there is a Paths subsection. In there, you’ll find an entry for Templates. There are User Paths and Internal Paths listed there. Store your templates in User Paths instead of Internal Paths.

Templates stored in the main system templates directory may be lost in certain re-installation situations. It’s a better practice to instead store them in your user template directory.

@rixon That was so cool thing to learn. Thanks for helping me out but _those templates still don’t show up in, “Available For Use” section. Here is proof of action: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Why can’t I see them in Slides section?!