Is it possible to access external google api from a macro?

I have a spreadsheet on google docs (I use it with other people to share information and cannot make them to use anything else). I would need to pull out some data out of it and do some work on them in a macro in Calc. I have written a macro before, so I sort of know how to do the processing once I get the data, but I don’t have much idea how to access the API. I want to use this - bindings seem to be in net and java only. Does this mean I have to write an external program in those languages that I can then call from my macro, or can I use the API directly?


So far i see there are also api-Libs for python.
(search there for Python)
install these via
pip install whatever_its_name --user

drop your ugly basic and continue with python.

Ah, wonderful, I had no idea I could use python to write macros, that is great.