Is it possible to access Mac OS X services (of another application) from within LibreOffice?

If I highlight text in most Mac applications I can use services of other applications to do something with that text. However, in LibreOffice, if I choose Services under the application menu, I’m told No Services Apply. Is there a way to access the services of other applications from within LibreOffice in this way?

I’m running Mac OS 10.7.5 and LibreOffice


No. LibreOffice does not support Mac OS X Services menu functions yet.

7 Years later… what’s the roadmap for this support?

LibreOffice is fantastic. I am a new user to the M1 Macs and I’m trying to use the services to no avail. The closest extension would be suitable but it doesn’t run for whatever reason. Its a bit frustrating sacrificing the functionality in favor of the extensions and I understand, but the nearest extensions don’t work. Please advise.