Is it possible to add a number of rows to an offset?


I have an offset function that I’m trying to use. I have had a look at the Help documentation and had a look online, but I’m not sure how to do what I want to.

I count up the totals of E and E? in a particular range and add them together. Then I have the date and total O2 and O3 and have worked out how to use the OFFSET to do the same for P2 and P3 but don’t know what to put in Q2 and Q3, R2 and R3 etc. Is there a simple way to do this? I’ve got about 2 years of similar data …!


(edit: activated screenshot)

What’s your current OFFSET() formula? Because “rows” is the second term.

The formula I’ve used so far for that part, in:

O2 =K5
O3 =L4

P2 =OFFSET(K5,7,0)
P3 =OFFSET(L4,7,0)

Does that help?

Or should I be using a different formula?