Is it possible to add/install a character set?

I’m working on a bilingual project in Simplified Chinese: GB18030 and Vietnamese: TCVN3. GB18030 is already included in Libreoffice and working perfectly. But for Vietnamese there’s only Windows-1258 character set to choose and it’s unable to read TCVN3 characters properly. Changing the whole character set to work with is not possible as the project serves as extension script to a core program that is hard coded to execute only GB18030 and TCVN3 (to make words readable in the program). I wonder if it’s possible to add/install a character set into Libreoffice? And if yes, how? I’m using Libreoffice on Windows 10 and CentOS 7.
Thank you all in advance!

The way to implement a new filter is to hack the code and compile your own build.

Otherwise, open as another encoding (say, that Windows-1258), run a macro to find/replace characters to get a correct text, modify, run another macro to convert back, save. Note, you have to experiment to find a suitable encoding, as such a way is prone to loss of data.

By the way, consider filing an RFE at Bugzilla. Who knows, maybe the developers will include the filter in the standard build.