Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to the process of adding an animation effect e.g., "Appear"?


I very frequently add an appear effect to elements of my slides in impress. This is done via Custom Animation > Entrance tab > “Appear” effect.

I really need to automate the task of adding an appear effect, the mouse takes to much time. How can I do this?

I am running “Version (Build ID: 360m1(Build:2))”

It does not appear possible to directly assign the addition of a type of animation to a presentation object via keyboard shortcut. A workaround would be to record a macro for adding an animation effect to an abject and then assign the macro to a key combination.

Try through Menu/Tools/Customize/Toolbars - Add.

Could you please leave note on how you achieved it? I am also very much interested to the automation of an entry effect and a parameter change from default.

I am also willing to test and discuss with you.

For all automation tasks that do not allow direct assignment in a given application, I use a utility called AutoHotkey [] which has a scripting language to allow sending keystrokes after having first made sure you were in the ‘right’ window as well as interrogating the mouse position (and what’s under the mouse) to help select the correct objects, etc. It involves some script coding, but it is very powerful!