Is it possible to assign specific style to the selected cells with a shortcut key in LibreOffice Calc?

I’m working on a job where they assign specific styles to cells to indicate meaning about that cell.

Presently, we select the cells, and then do things like:

  • Assign a foreground color using the toolbar.
  • Assign a background color using the toolbar.
  • Assign Bold, Italics, Underline using their keyboard shortcuts.

I know I can record a StarBasic macro, and then modify it to assign all the desired styles and I guess assign the macro to a shortcut key, but I was just wondering if there was any sort of built-in functionality in LibreOffice Calc I could more easily setup and use to accomplish the same thing faster than writing / recording a macro to achieve the cell styling.

For example, create cell styles called “My aa Style” and “My bb Style” using the Styles and Formatting sidebar.

Then go to Tools → Customize to assign a keyboard shortcut.

Now select a cell and press Ctrl+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+2.

highlighted cells