Is it possible to center text vertically in a text box form control?

I would like to set up a (pdf) form based on a writer doc. See below the pdf output…

pdf file @ owncloud :: pw: multiline :: link working until 2016-12-31

All text boxes in this form should center the input horicontally and vertically.
The horizontal alignment is working - the vertical alignment unfortunaly not…

owncloud: password protected… :slight_smile:

Why do you want that? A form is functional, not a form of art. Just my two cents of course.


  • Default value for Text-Type is Multi-line, Vert. Alignment disabled, so…
  • You can select Text-Type: Single-lineto enable Vert. Alignment and select Middle but of course control will only have one line.
  • Vert. Alignment also disabled with Multi-line with formatting

Sorry, I have no workaround…


In hopes that it might not be too late, but I did find a work around, if you place the text box in single line mode, then set the vertical alignment to “TOP” and then set the type back to Multi-line, the text will align to the top of the text box. Hope this helps.

I would say this doesn’t work, unless you want the vertical alignment defaulting to the top, which it already does.
I have tried changing to single line, changing vertical alignment to the middle, then going back to multi-line, but the text entry still defaults to the TOP. What is happening for me is I am getting white space over-top of the top line of the typed-in text. Horizontal alignment doesn’t help, neither does making the text box larger.

Its pretty possible now (version 6.4.4)

  1. Select text inside the text box and select “Text Attributes” in context menu
  2. Choose vertical and horizontal position you prefer

I like this beautiful function!
In my latest version(, after you click the “Text Attributes” in context menu,
we can find nine points can be selected, they reprensent to all four edge, corner and center of text box
(4+4+1 = 9)
when you chose one of them, the text will close to the part that point direct!

p.s., sorry I used it in my language :frowning: