Is it possible to change the standard color of the "Font color" button?

Hi, in my toolbar I find the “Font color” button always with a standard color (wine). I know I can change the color by clicking on the arrow, when many colors appear and I can select the one I want. But I would like to have another standard color (red), so that everytime when I open LibreOffice, I would just click on the “Font color” button and would apply directly red to my text, without having to choose it through clickling on the arrow.

Is that possible?

My LibreOffice is in a Ubuntu 14.04.


Yes it is possible. The default font colour is set by the default Character or Paragraph styles in the FONT EFFECTS setting. The FONT COLOUR is normally set to AUTOMATIC. You can choose the colour of your choice there and it will cascade onto your other character or paragraph settings. Save the document as your default template and your system will default to your chosen colour when opening new documents. Otherwise the effect will work just on the open document.

You can select the default character or paragraph style options by choosing the STYLES and FORMATTING sidebar, or by right clicking on an empty part of your document. …hope this helps Peter

As long as I’ve understood, this procedure would change the default font color of the text, right? But I don’t want to change it. I want to change only the default color of the “Font color” button in the toolbar. Have I understood something wrong of your step-to-step? Thanks!


If you want to keep the automatic default color and have a quick way to apply a particular font color, I advise you to create a dedicated character style:

  • Display the styles window (sidebar)
  • Display Character styles
  • Right click on Default StyleNew▸give a name (Organizer tab), choose the color (Font Effects tab).

You can apply color by double-clicking the style name. It would be possible to include the application of this style in a toolbar but this requires a macro …


This is an option, but I think it wouldn’t simplify my original procedure… I assume there’s no way of changing the default color of the “Font color” button. That’s a shame, especially considering that “red” is much more widespread as “highlight” color than wine…

If it is of any interest … I ALWAYS wanted to change the color that first pops up in the color picker. A lot of difficult answers have been given, but none of which made me happy.
This morning I tried a macro.
→ Record macro → Click on color picker → choose color → stop recording.

  • Save macro
  • Assign a shortcut key of your choice.

THEN … when I select the text of which I want to change the color all I have to do is hit my shortcut key. Font size and other attributes all remain as they were.
When I tried recording a macro AFTER selecting text, font attributes also changed. That was not good.
So, NO text selection → create a macro → and you are good to go.

For me this is very quick and elegant.