Is it possible to create a new tag?

[edit]Done by @karolus

I would like to tag my question with “Collabora Office” tag. But this tag does not exist and I have not found a way to create the tag “Collabora Office”.

How do I create a new tag? Is it possible to create a new tag?

Congratulations. You have done it

In edit-mode there is field: search or create

Since your question is related to the AskLO site, it shouldn’t be tagged common which means “applies to all LO components, i.e. overall behaviour failure”, nor base which is for questions relative to the database interface component Base. In the present case, the right tag is meta.

Since you’re trying to improve your skills in using AskLO, I let you modify the question tags. For that, you must first press on the pencil icon at end of question title.

Also, remove basic which is associated with Basic programming in LO.