Is it possible to create an A5 document instead of the default A4. If so how?

details are as the question.

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Documents may be create on numerous stationery size.

  • For occasional documents:

    Format>Page, Page tab and select the required Paper format in Format drop-down menu. Adapt margins.

  • For frequent documents:

    It is more convenient to define a page style with the expected format and save it in a template document. Read the manual about styles and templates.

In both cases, beware of available printer paper trays. In case you only have an A4 tray (File>Printer Settings), either manage to print several pages per sheet (2 landscape A5 in one portrait A4) with File>Print Layout tab, but it may become tricky for duplex printing, or use manual feed by adjusting the mechanical guides.

In case of manual feed, you could keep the A4 page, adjusting the margins to fit the printer guides, leaving only an A5 document area. This probably causes less problems than composing directly your document in an A5 frame.

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Yes, I know, the guidelines for this site are inexistent or awful

The guidelines for this site are a wiki. Anyone with an idea how to improve them is welcome to contribute. E.g., a while back I added a link to our Guidelines for asking there.