Is it Possible to Create Inline List Styles?


I would like to create a list that looks like:

1.) Item 1; 2.) Item 2.1 is weird …; 3.) item 3 is not formatted correctly.; 4.) this is the last item.

List Numbers = “Number Period Parenthesis Space”.
Next List Item = “Semicolon Space Space”.
Last List Item = “” … or optionally “Line Break”.

I understand that I would not be able to hit “Enter” necessarily before each item, (but it would help), and that I would have to click the “list button” each time I wanted to add a new entry.

I would like to have a style defined this way, so I can use throughout documents, and update with a click.

EDIT: Being desperate here: /IF/ this feature is not supported, as a Developer, can I make the assumption that there is a “template fragment” for custom lists defined /somewhere/ within the document source itself. Could I search for and manually edit the template fragment … Is the name of the list, and the “\r\n” character (line break character) embedded in this fragment, and I can simply remove it? Or, does Libre Writer auto-magically infer that each list should have a line break, and add its own? For example, in CSS you could modify list items with something like display-inline …

Thank you for your help!

You only can define what is behind the last number of each outline level but not what is between the numbers.


You cannot change the character between two number on an outline level by outline level base.

To do what is possible: Tools > Outline > Numbering Tab
For each outline level you need select the

  • Number
  • Character Style
  • Show sublevel
  • Separator> Before
  • Separator After ← here you can enter the characters you want behind the last number of each outline level

If this feature is very important for you, you file and enhancement request at:

Thank you for the reply. I am familiar with this tool … But, unfortunately, I really need to implement this somehow … I will update my original question to ask for hacks!

@WindAndFlame - Good Luck!!! Luckily you are an expert. Maybe you could publish your results here in the case that someone else has the same needs.

As @ROSt53 has indicated it is not possible to currently create in-line / run-in lists using list styles or list-related direct formatting options. Generally this type of list is ordered (each item uses an alphanumeric identifier) rather than unordered (where each item uses a bullet or shape identifier). There is no workaround that I am aware of.

List styles can only be associated with paragraph styles and what is essentially being requested is to associate a list style with a character style. Exactly how this would work using direct formatting (existing toolbar buttons or the Format > Bullets and Numbering… menu) is unclear. ODF v1.2, 5.3.4 states:

The <text:list-item> element has the
following child elements: <text:h>
5.1.2, <text:list> 5.3.1, <text:number> 6.1.10, <text:p>
5.1.3 and <text:soft-page-break> 5.6.

In simple terms, a list item can be a heading, sub-list, or paragraph, and the form of a list item in the XML is generally a paragraph, whether using direct formatting:

      <text:p text:style-name="P2">Item 1</text:p>

… or a list style associated with a paragraph style:

      <text:p text:style-name="List_20_1">Item 1</text:p>

Instead, what is likely required, is some sort of use of the <text:span> (i.e., character style) element, e.g.,

      <text:span text:style-name="List_20_1">Item 1</text:span>

Enhancement request fdo#82433 appears to have been raised as a result of this question.

I appreciate your consideration and thoroughness. I checked out ODF 1.2, and I hope that text:span can be a child of text:p–in a list… Nevertheless, now I wonder if there are inline /paragraph/ styles. :smiley: *cough … I did try this, and it appears that the “Text Flow” allows one to ADD breaks, not OMIT breaks. Line Spacing doesn’t appear to allow for “-1” either. Thank you again!

Not exactly a solution, but a workaround that I have found for creating my multiple choice tests with answers going left-to-right is to use columns. Create a numbered list with, say, 4 items, format it as 4 columns. It displays correctly and also makes it possible for you to press the ENTER button to go to the next slot over. Again, not a solution but works marginally well.