Is it possible to customize icons for macros?

Description of the problem:

Since LibreOffice Calc didn’t come with a toolbar for Macro’s I created one using:

[menu → tools → customize → toolbars → add → new]

…and named it “Macro”

To this macro toolbar I added the following built in menu items:

  • Interrupt Macro
  • LibreOffice Basic
  • LibreOffice Basic Macro Organizer
  • Organize Macros
  • Record Macro
  • Run Macro
  • Stop Macro
  • Stop Recording

Of the above menu items only “Record Macro” and “Stop Macro” have icons. The icons for the rest of the above listed menu items are missing. This makes for a very large toolbar since it is mostly represented in text.

Adding icons for each of these is trivial

[by selecting the menu item → modify → drop down list → change icon]

After selecting “Change Icon” from the above mentioned steps, a frame pops open with a grid of available icons. I would like to make copy one of the icons shown in this grid so I can modify it.

Subject Question Clarified:

  1. Is it possible to make a copy of one of the icons in the above mentioned grid, and if so how? If nothing else I guess I could take a screen shot and modify that, but it would be much better to have direct access to the icon itself if at all possible.
  2. Does LibreOffice have an official repository just for the menu icons that others have proposed or created?

Thanks for the help.

The icons are in a zip file in a directory where LO was installed on your system under libreofficeX.X/share/config (where X.X is you LO version #) with file names such as The icon zip file used depends upon your setting in LO under menu item Tools->Options->LibreOffice->View. The icons are scattered throughout, so you will have to search for the ones you want.

To my knowledge the is no location for icons created by others.