Is it possible to delete duplicate table rows in writer

I have a 750+ row table and have some duplicate rows of data within. It it possible to have writer’s table function detect and delete these duplicate rows? If so, please explain? Thanks.

No. Table content is your responsibility. If you, as an author, want to stuff the table with duplicate entries, Writer must not object.

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As you asked for Writer: No

But you could copy the content in a spreadsheet as Calc is availabe in LibreOffice.
THERE are several possibilities to count how often items are present or to filter, without showing duplicates.

Empty the table in writer then and copy your data back in the Writer-Table (or use the spreadsheet-data via DDE)

A proper designed Database can prevent to enter duplicates (UNIQUE-constraint).


to remove duplicates using calc, see the answer by @johnsun handle ducplicates in calc . adjust criteria to count=1

Tables allows you to use simple formulas. So, if you can momentarily add two auxiliary columns, you can find the duplicate rows, but it is not so simple or automatic. To simplify, I figure that there is one column (column C) in the table where the data is duplicated.

  1. Add two columns to your table (D and E, you can see the column letters in the status bar)*
  2. Sort the table by data (column C)
  3. Add formulas to compare:
  • In the first cell of the added column (D) type =, click in the first cell of the column (C) with data, type -, and click in the second cell of the column (C) with data (you will get something like =<C1>-<C2>)
  • Select this cell (first of column D), copy, and paste downward.
  • Select the entire column (D), copy, and paste special (Ctrl+Shift+V) as Rich text formating (RTF) in a new document (or in an empty place of your document)
  • Select this new table, copy it, delete the content of the original column (D) and paste.
  1. Sort the table by results (column D)
  2. Delete duplicated rows (all rows with 0 in column D)
  3. Delete both auxiliary columns (D and E)

*If do you need to recover the table order:

  • After step 1: Fill one column (E) with a serie of numbers¹
  • After step 5: Sort the table by order (column E, with the serie of numbers) to recover the original order

¹ You can use Calc to create the serie, then paste from there, or follow the convolute way:

  • In one column type 1 in the first cell
  • While the cursor is in the second cell: press F2, click in the first cell, type +1 (you will get something like =<E1>+1) and press Enter (cell will show 2)
  • Select this cell, copy, and paste downward.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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