Is it possible to disable the Calc status bar "forever"

Is it possible to hide/disable the status using a macro? I have found some macros in the internet, but every time I edit some cell, the status bar comes back again.

Version of LibO?
(Probably also of interest: OS?)

… and if you de-select Status Bar of the View menu? …

It does not work, because the status bar will pop up again when Calc do some calculations.

Hello @Tarskovsky,

to hide the Statusbar you could use the following macro:

Sub HideStatusBar()
	ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame.LayoutManager.HideElement( "private:resource/statusbar/statusbar" )
End Sub

It is equivalent to deselecting the menu “View : Status Bar”.
In my Version: the Statusbar stays hidden even when i edit some cells or when Calc does some calculations. No clue what could cause that…

This macro works, although the problem still continue, but I just figured out that it was an issue with some cells which were losing conditional formatting. I just changed some stuff on my Worksheet and looks like it’s okay now.

Some very strange behaviour of LibO can be caused by a corrupted user profile. See this wiki page.