Is it possible to display the contents of a text field into a different part of the same Writer document?

I have a Writer document which is in two parts. The first is a government form (supplied in MS Word, but converted by me to ODT), the second is a letter which should contain some of the information which is in the form.

Is there a way to take data from the text fields in the first part of the document, and insert it automatically in pre-defined places in the second part of the document?

I could write a database and use it as a datasource, but I don’t need to do that.

Select the first block for/of information, click Insert > Bookmark..., in the dialog that opens Name the field something relevant, e.g. Dept, and click the Insert button.

Later in the document, click at the point where you want that information repeated. Click Insert > Field > More Fields... or Ctrl+F2. In the Fields dialog that opens, select the tab Cross-references, under Type click on Bookmarks, under Insert reference to click on Reference, under Selection click on Dept. Click Insert button (or you can double-click Dept to insert).

If you have several places to insert the reference you can leave the dialog open. Cheers, Al

11:40 You can update the fields by pressing F9