Is it possible to edit a calc file from multiple computers via a cloud sync service?

Basically, I’d like to have a spreadsheet where I track what I’m doing with my time, but don’t want to have to remember to open and close the document every time I change computers (which happens a few times per day). If I just leave a spreadsheet open, can I edit it from multiple computers simultaneously provided that it’s saved to a cloud sync service of some sort? I will likely try to use, but could use Dropbox if that’s explicitly supported and other services are not.

Where are this computer located in the same network? What is your LibreOffice version and what is your operating system?

You answered the question below, but for the sake of future people looking for the same thing, I’ll answer this anyway. I am using LibreOffice and sharing the document between computers running Ubuntu 13.10 and Mac OS X Mavericks.

  1. Tools | Options | LibreOffice | General | Open/Save dialogs | check Use LibreOffice dialogs.
  2. File | Open (new slightly different dialog opens because of first step).
  3. At the top of window there are three dots button - click on it. There are multiple options available…

    If for some chance all of your computers are located in the same local network, then you can also do this more easily by:
  4. On Windows (you didn’t provide your operating system) create a network shared folder.
  5. Save document in this folder.
  6. Tools | Share document.
  7. Check the Share this document with outer users.
  8. Open document from another computer in the same local network using network shared folder (created in first step).
  9. Every time you save the document the document gets updated with fresh data (if there is any change since your last save).

This requires actually logging into a server to get the document. This is a server like Dropbox where a background client just automatically updates the local file with updates. The computers I am using are not part of the same network (well, they’re all connected to the internet, but that’s not particularly helpful).

ETA: I suspect that just using it in shared mode will probably work. That should keep the file unlocked and update it with fresh data across all the computers. Thanks.