Is it possible to edit the format of the document title?

What I mean is, when editing the document title (File>Properties>Description), is it possible to format some of the characters, like using <ital> </ital> to make a specific word in italics or something like that? Is there any kind of code to format the title text?
In case there is no way that is possible, can it be done when applying the field “Title”?

AFAIK, it’s not possible to format the file description. Also, fields do not preserve formatting, so there’s not luck there either.

All the properties can be inserted in a document with a field. Field content behaves as a single character. When in your text body, you can apply a character style to the field in addition to the surrounding paragraph style. This means the field is an atomic unit which can’t be subdivided into smaller chunks.

Given this impossibility, your idea is to include formatting “directives” directly into the property definition. This should integrate smoothly into the general formatting management. It could take the form of activation of some character style, but the field insertion feature, as previously mentioned, does not look inside the field content. Consequently this is presently impossible.

On the conceptual point of view, I think it is not good to include formatting in the Title property because this would give different semantic values to the words composing it. Yet, some titles may include a kind of “citation” (proper name, trademark, …) requiring to emphasise the word.

The problem occurs only if you need the title several times in the document. If this is not the case (the title appears only on the cover page), format it manually without bothering to enter it in the properties.

There is however a work around, a bit contorted.

Instead of using the Title property, you can create as many Custom Properties you need and insert them as a sequence in your document. Every inserted property can now be styled separately.

Unfortunately, it can’t be reused through a cross-reference because the bookmark/cross-reference engine will not record the formatting, it keeps only raw content.

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