Is it possible to embed fonts in a Writer/Impress/Calc document?

I use mostly Gnu/Linux LibreOffice versions but I often send documents to Windows and Mac users. Most of my documents use the Liberation fonts by default which are not installed on Windows or Mac systems.

Is there a way to embed them in my Writer/Impress/Calc documents ?

The ODF 1.0 specification (PDF) does support font embedding, however neither LibreOffice nor OpenOffice have it implemented at this time. There are only two ODF implementations that support font embedding to some regard, which are Calligra and WebODF.

For LibreOffice there is a ticket fdo#42195, but there is also an OpenOffice ticket going way back to 2003 ooo#20370.

Embedded fonts have come up at various ODF Plugfest meetings, but general support is still lacking at this time. Let’s hope this improves soon…

The implementation can embed fonts by either adding it to the packaged (zipped) ODF file in a Fonts/ directory and referencing that file using <svg:font-face-uri>, or by base64-encoding the file (in case of a Flat ODF file).

Update: Font Embedding is implemented and will ship as part of LibreOffice v4.1 (July 2013) using the ODF v1.0 specification.

I think you are wrong. Font embedding is still under study for version 1.3 by Oasis

@Pedro1 Interoperability was discussed during the recent ODF Plugfest in Brussels (with Rob Weir attending). Examples using it at See svg:font-face-uri in the ODF v1.0 standard, as implemented by Calligra and WebODF.

@dag, either Rob Weir and Dennis Hamilton are wrong or you are… According to them Font embedding wasn’t available in revision 1.2 of the ODF standard. It is under consideration for the 1.3 revision. See links in next comment

@Pedro1: Again Calibra and WebODF already have it implemented and you can download the test files from the ODF Plugfest, explain that to me? During the meeting Rob did not mention anything about it not being supported. Maybe the ODF v1.3 is beter standardized (e.g. location) or enhanced ? Ask Rob !

@dag: I just asked him (thank you for replying, Rob). The answer is “No one ever designed font embedding in ODF 1.0-ODF 1.2. The ODF spec does not talk at all about 'font embedding”. I can see that the sample documents include the font within the ODF file but that is not implementing.

@Pedro1: I don’t know what you mean with “designed”. The functionality is there (svg:font-face-uri), it can already be used and is already implemented by some producers/consumers. It was discussed at the ODF Plugfest for interoperability, but LibreO does not. You seem to circle around terminology.

@Pedro1: Now that LibreOffice v4.1 will ship with an implementation based on ODF v1.0, would you like to explain your resistance ? I am also very confused that in the same ODF Plugfest (with Rob Weir inside the room) we discussed the WebODF implementation and verified the embedded font examples provided to us, there is still this denial. (It happened only 6 days prior to the comments so it can’t be related to bad memory)

@dag, I have no resistance. On the contrary! It is just that your statements were in contradiction with those of the people who were involved in the ODF standard… I’m also surprised by his answers. But I’m really glad that this has been implemented :slight_smile:

Dennis E. Hamilton confirmed what I said in this email BTW.

See also → Embedding font feature status

Font Embedding will be implemented in LibreOffice v4.1 using the ODF v1.0 specification. The bugs to track these are for:

LibreOffice release 4.1 is expected in July 2013.

No. The ODF file specification does not support font embedding. And LibreOffice does not embed fonts in file formats that do support font embedding (such as MS formats)

Maybe in the future this will be added to ODF…

Thank you!

There’s ‘Bug 42195 - Support for embedded fonts is missing’ → fdo#42195

Bug 42195 - Writer FILEOPEN functionality request: add Support for embedded fonts

Status: RESOLVED FIXED · Target: LO 4.1.0

Follow-up 1: Bug 61072 - Impress, functionality request: add Support for embedded fonts in .odp file format

Follow-up 2: Bug 61073 - Calc, functionality request: add Support for embedded fonts in .ods file format