Is it possible to embed fonts in a Writer/Impress/Calc document?

@Pedro1: Now that LibreOffice v4.1 will ship with an implementation based on ODF v1.0, would you like to explain your resistance ? I am also very confused that in the same ODF Plugfest (with Rob Weir inside the room) we discussed the WebODF implementation and verified the embedded font examples provided to us, there is still this denial. (It happened only 6 days prior to the comments so it can’t be related to bad memory)

@dag, I have no resistance. On the contrary! It is just that your statements were in contradiction with those of the people who were involved in the ODF standard… I’m also surprised by his answers. But I’m really glad that this has been implemented :slight_smile:

Dennis E. Hamilton confirmed what I said in this email BTW.

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Font Embedding will be implemented in LibreOffice v4.1 using the ODF v1.0 specification. The bugs to track these are for:

LibreOffice release 4.1 is expected in July 2013.

No. The ODF file specification does not support font embedding. And LibreOffice does not embed fonts in file formats that do support font embedding (such as MS formats)

Maybe in the future this will be added to ODF…

Thank you!

There’s ‘Bug 42195 - Support for embedded fonts is missing’ → fdo#42195

Bug 42195 - Writer FILEOPEN functionality request: add Support for embedded fonts

Status: RESOLVED FIXED · Target: LO 4.1.0

Follow-up 1: Bug 61072 - Impress, functionality request: add Support for embedded fonts in .odp file format

Follow-up 2: Bug 61073 - Calc, functionality request: add Support for embedded fonts in .ods file format

fdo#61072, fdo#61073

Status: RESOLVED FIXED · Target: LO 4.1.0

See also → LibreOffice 4.1 ReleaseNotes

See also → Embedding font feature status

As I told @pedro a few times, he is wrong, ODF v1.0 supports the functionality and now there is a LibreOffice implementation with a release pending. Good work !

As written in Liberation fonts homepage:
“The Liberation™ Fonts is a font family which aims at metric compatibility with Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New.”

A document written with Liberation fonts should be formatted exactly the same when viewed using standard Windows fonts.

Keyword “aims” - it’s close enough, but not perfect. That means I always need to include a small explanation and a link for the recipient to install the fonts on their own. It’s a one-time operation but it’s often inconvenient and takes time & access/knowledge to do it.

While I really DO like Libreoffice… the lack of font embedding cuts it out of being able to transfer all my work out of dead and dying formats or the use of proprietary software from companies who I regards as scumbags.

Any product I create via Libre Office be it document, artwork, engineering drawings or presentations etc., done in LO with your own font sets, cannot be transferred via dual booting between Linux or Windows, or it cannot be transferred to a different machine - from home to work or vis versa, and one cannot transfer the work to an independent third party such as peer review, or be sent to the printers, and the product cannot be archived and reopened on a different computer - because ANY work done ON a specific computer with ones own specific font sets, will be completely lost - because the original fonts, on the original machine, are not embedded in the documents produced on that machine.

QED - it’s an Epic Failure.

With Open Office and the blooming fork, Libre Office, people have been raising these issues for 20 years, and for 20 years the committees, forum administrators, bugzilla forums, have ALL ignored and shut down any discussion or progress towards making font embedding the defacto or default setting.

While Microsoft, Word Perfect, Adobe and even really obscure office programs such as Abi office, etc., etc., etc. - they ALL have font embedding.

So the Open Office and Libre Office products and the committees that all drive these programs - have an epic failure on their hands and they are doing NOTHING to address it.

Have a read up on this topic via the article…

It is not a LibreOffice/TDF’s goal to provide a free office suit that perpetuates Microsoft’s closed and proprietary file formats. So any change on font embedding has to occur on the ODF file format.
ODF 1.2 still doesn’t support font embedding but it is being considered

I am not a licensing expert, but embedding proprietary fonts into document probably raises licensing issues.

I also think this embedding is very important, but on the other hand it should not be implemented into ODF something that is not standards supported. Don’t want to have multiple products each supporting its own version of ODF - you know just like a HTML history big mess.

I am not a licensing expert, but embedding proprietary fonts into document probably raises licensing issues.