Is it possible to export Impress to video with audio

I’ve done several slideshows with audio and was wondering if there was an easy way to export to video, like I was able to do under PowerPoint back when I used windows.

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Here is how I would approach this problem:

  1. Under Tools Open Macros

a. LO-Basic Macros “Edit”

b. Use the compiler

  1. I would record a marco of the first slide to see what VB code is generated. My version does not have that. Therefore, I would go to process of figuring out how impress saves as bitmap works.

  2. Then I would research how the Impress “append” a file with a new slide.

  3. Then I would see how the “read” calls works

  4. Then I would work on adjusting the display time. There are a wide variety of methods to accomplish this. My favorite is just to add more of the same slide. Some people use a “time” function (total Explitive deleted).

I hope this pseudo code helps you out.

What does this have to do with LibreOffice?

The tool is provide in Impress… It is there for a reason.

@rgggg It would be nice if you use the terms of LibreOffice and not M$, thanks.

I really don’t understand this answer I quite agree with @OpenApostolic that ‘Export to video’ would be an excellent extension to impress. I don’t think it can be done.