Is it possible to group columns AND rows on the same sheet?

I have a sheet of data with categories of data on rows, which I have grouped into their basic categories and can use the show/hide feature to expand or compact the category group. Meanwhile columns sort this data by period.

If I want to show one category of data for one period, and then another category of data for a different period. Not simultaneously though, just one group of rows and one group of columns at a time.

What is the procedure for doing this? What tool do I use?

Thank you.

Maybe you are looking for Pivot Table.

Also can type “Pivot Table” in the Search or ask you question field, to see some examples.

It might be possible, but I am having trouble visualizing how to use it.

My sheet contains assumptions, then below that a balance sheet, then an income statement, and then finally below that a cash flow statement. At each group, the data is sorted by time increment, year one, year two, year three, etc. I am putting them all on one sheet to avoid breaking links when rows or columns are inserted.

I would like to view one financial statement for one period without showing the others by grouping the data and then either contracting or expanding the groups.

Example, I may just want to see the income statement for year two, without any other statement showing. Or I may want to view statements for all years, side by side.

Can Pivot Tables do that? Where can I find an example of that model?