Is it possible to have a listbox with a hierarchical dropdown menu in a LibreOffice Base Form?

Dear LibreOffice users,
is it possible to have a listbox with a hierarchical menu in a LibreOffice Base Form ?

Thanks in advance, lib

It appears you are asking for the functionality of a menubar item within a listbox control where selecting one item in the list allows a sub-selection to appear. There is no way to do that.

You can with coding (probably best using Python) create your own menubar item(s) in its own container on the form which would then give the result wanted.

If using the menubar itself, items can be added, changed or deleted through code in basic.

Thank you @Ratslinger! i’m looking at the XMenu and XPopupMenu right now, it seems that it also supports menuitem separators, checkboxes and menuitem tooltips, besides submenus … this is really cool!
i will try to create one of these in my Form, making this data-aware would be another thing …

Creating your own menus using macros is not too difficult once you understand the process. Most don’t understand there are at least five different levels of menu priorities in Base. If you need further help with this please open a new question and be specific on what you are trying to accomplish.