is it possible to have hotkeys for a single writer document only?

Is there a way to store hotkeys on a per-document basis?

I’m experimenting with a custom font that has custom glyphs stored in the “Personal Use Area” of the font (Unicode E000 and beyond).
All chars are available using the “Insert Special char” menu, but it can be done one char at a time, and it’s quite tiring.

So I thought to some kind of key combination that could quickly insert any those custom chars at cursor position.
But I don’t want these hotkeys to be global for all the documents.
The ideal would be that they are stored in the document, that could also become a template for documents using that particular custom font.

Any suggestion?

If there are some you use frequently, you could add the characters to AutoCorrect and use an easy to remember code for it, eg E000 comes out as a penguin in Linux libertine display G so you could make the shortcut :pingu:

Hello @e_del

that’s not possible - the scope of a keyboard shortcut could be

  • LibreOffice (which means it is a shortcut for all LibreOffice modules)
  • Module (i.e. Calc, Writer,… etc. - shortcut is available on specific LibreOffice module only

You can’t be more granular and to set the scope to a document only.


  • Statement is about provided functionality (no macros)
  • Don’t know, whether it is possible to define macros assigning shortcuts and which are executed on document opening (If such macros could be written, I’d assign it to New Document event)

You can have direct access to your private characters to the cost of several key presses. This is longer than a hotkey but it works universally and does not pollute your user profile.

To enter character U+E000, type U + E (lowercase also works) 0 0 0 Alt+x (simultaneous press).

In case there is no ambiguity, i.e. what precedes “E000” is not in A-F a-f 0-9, you can omit U+.

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