Is it possible to have many sections in one line?

I have seen that the LO writer allows to create sections and they can be hidden with a given condition, each section uses at least one line (row), I would like to know if there is a way to have more than one section in one single line.

What it is intended is to have horizontal sections (instead of vertical) that can get hidden.

The idea is to have different checkbox list in the same line, for example:

image description

In this example if female is checked, then male should be hidden. If AAA is checked, then BBB should be hidden. And so on… Another expected behavior is to autoadjust the position of the elements, like this second image:
image description

I was thinking about having each checkbox inside a section and it will be hidden according to the specific condition, but if I try to do it, I got a line for each section, resulting in having my lists vertically and not horizontally.

Is there a way to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance.

If you achieve your goal, what happens if someone accidentally ticks the wrong box?

Since B will be hidden if A is checked, if A gets unchecked then B will be displayed again

OK, they look a bit like radio buttons to the average user who might not then attempt to correct a mistake.

Then just insert your sections in multi-column, single row table.

Bad idea. Sections are portions of a page area, not row or part of line, where text is laid out in a different number of columns. You might use special fields controlling hidden text but it won’t work. I over-emphasized text because it does not control objects. Checkboxes are form controls which are specific drawing objects. It is usually not good to mix text and objects. Either you have a form or you have text. Don’t overplay forms by trying to have dynamic layout. Forms in Writer are rather intended to have a fixed presentation (for printing or PDF export).

Your goal would be better satisfied with radio buttons adequately grouped: male/female in group 1, AAA/BBB in group 2, XXX/YYY in group 3 and 1/2/3 in group 4. Simpler and managed without tricks.

True. It wouldn’t achieve the goal anyway as the cells retain their size. I am still struggling to understand the benefit of such a form with hiding fields, compared to potential confusion by those filling out the form.

I am using LO to create PDF forms, I have a general template file that has many fields and sections, I am evaluating some variables to generate a sub-template with the hidden sections, that is why I am looking for this dynamical approach.
I do understand that radio button groups allow to select just one option, but the goal is to just display the selected option in the final sub-template.

You can try create a follow layout:

  1. Create a first section
  2. Set up many columns (as you need) inside first section
  3. In every column inside first section create next section. One section per one column
  4. Set up those child sections as you need (hide by condition or something)