Is it possible to have two sidebars?

Having two sidebars is immensely helpful for one’s workflow as it keeps users from having to manually switch back and forth between views. I’d like to dock the navigator on the left side of my screen and my formatting sidebar on the right side. Is that possible?

Just tested with V5.3.3.2 (Calc) - and was heavily surprised. Try:

1 - Close the sidebar (if any).
2 - Open the navigator with F5.
3 - Open the Stylist with F11.
4 - Drag the navigator to the left and move it very patient there to find a position where a docking frame comes up. Drop.
5 - Repeat the action dragging the stylist to the right.

For me this resulted in two sidebars in different views. The setting persisted a close / reopen cycle, and after reopening LibO without a document the setting was also used with new Calc documents. To also get it for Writer documents i needed to create the left sidebar a second time. Everything was persistent again in Writer.

Interesting find @Lupp,
Reproduced this behaviour on my version (Calc), resulting in 2 Sidebar handles, one on the left and one on the right. Checking/Unchecking the menu “View : Sidebar” shows or hides only 1 of the 2 Sidebars.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to work in Writer on Windows. I tried 5 times in different orders.

It worked as I already reported and it still works for me in V5.3.3.2 Writer (on Win 10).

Hello @libreoffice1,

There is only 1 Sidebar which can be shown/hidden via the menu “View : Sidebar”. However the Sidebar itself can be dragged to left or right.

Likewise the “Formatting” Toolbar ( menu “View : Toolbars : Formatting” ) can itself be dragged to the left or right, as well as to the top or bottom of the window.